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Russell’s Blog

Coversation I had with Josh Thornton

Josh as most know is area coordinator for Bowls Australia, there to help clubs survive and progress. Josh spoke of the word ENERGY and when applied to a lot of different scenarios seems to ring true. He spoke of teams bowling with energy winning more times than teams who had no energy. we then expanded this concept to clubs and committees. Again those with energy progressed and benefited and the opposite also occurred, we spoke of clubs ability to generate money through bowls and how they struggled. Clubs with ENERGY took on barefoot bowls, which is the new milking cow for bowls clubs, short sharp entertainment, with drinks and fun. then there are some clubs who struggle to run successful tournaments, maybe some lateral thinking is needed, get clubs  to look at their assets and use then in different directions use their building to run non bowls events eg poker nights weddings, parties and meeting places for groups during day time for instance mothers groups. then I thought there are many talented people at bowls clubs why not turn their talents to their area of expertise. Could a small bowls club in a farming area tap into their retired farmers to say grow a crop buy and sell hay trade water or cattle even repair and sell second hand machinery using handy men and mechanics that have retired, to generate money to run their bowls clubs. Read More

Pennant for 2015

Well I have made it to Vice Chair of the board running pennant bowls in CVBD, took it on to try and get some rational ideas adopted;not ideas adhoc off the delegates at their meeting who were pro their own club and no vision of the future and whether their ideas gelled with others. Took some hard talk to convince clubs the board were elected to run bowls not do the delegates wishes, and we came up with a compromise of all ideas and wishes given we are losing 5% of our player numbers annually  Read More

Next Years Pennant Season

Well the board of the Campaspe Valley Bowls Division has instigated some major changes to next season. Starting with recommendation that Star events be deleted they are the events clubs were fined for non attendance created to much discourse. Changed back to 12 a side for Saturday pennant and added a division making 6 divisions with 6 teams in a division which will make competition stronger combined with promotion and relegation means 6 teams are in the run for a final spot and bottom 2 have to work hard to save relegation will stop tanking stacking lower teams to win a flag, and players will enjoy bowls more as they are more evenly graded in skill so each team has a strong chance to win each week. We are going to 3 rounds of bowls 15 games which I think is still to high but small steps. If we can shorten season we can introduced another shorter pennant season in early autumn and play a different experimental format.   Read More

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