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Pennant for 2015

Well I have made it to Vice Chair of the board running pennant bowls in CVBD, took it on to try and get some rational ideas adopted;not ideas adhoc off the delegates at their meeting who were pro their own club and no vision of the future and whether their ideas gelled with others. Took some hard talk to convince clubs the board were elected to run bowls not do the delegates wishes, and we came up with a compromise of all ideas and wishes given we are losing 5% of our player numbers annually  Read More

Next Years Pennant Season

Well the board of the Campaspe Valley Bowls Division has instigated some major changes to next season. Starting with recommendation that Star events be deleted they are the events clubs were fined for non attendance created to much discourse. Changed back to 12 a side for Saturday pennant and added a division making 6 divisions with 6 teams in a division which will make competition stronger combined with promotion and relegation means 6 teams are in the run for a final spot and bottom 2 have to work hard to save relegation will stop tanking stacking lower teams to win a flag, and players will enjoy bowls more as they are more evenly graded in skill so each team has a strong chance to win each week. We are going to 3 rounds of bowls 15 games which I think is still to high but small steps. If we can shorten season we can introduced another shorter pennant season in early autumn and play a different experimental format.   Read More

Heat rule

Pennant is called off this weekend due to heat wave wise heads prevailed, but it was close Here is how I see it; the cut off temp is a line in the sand, 40 degrees up here, how they legally override Bowls Vic heat rule 38 amazes me ( They say we would not play enough games at 38 degrees) maybe we are looking from the wrong angle adopting an English game and playing under English traditions We are in Australia with a different climate all we need to do is to be more flexible in our playing time's Ladies have smartened up; Men still cry "unfair on Saturday workers" Up here in Campaspe Region 98% of men are retired and do you hold a game up for the good of the few or the benefit of the many Not asking for major changes just ability to be a little flexible on Saturday. Pennant remain as is, for most of season, but if forecast is for 38+ for Saturday arrange to play early Saturday morning for the majorities benefit even be able to play Friday night prior We just have to be smarter in our thinking! South Australia play Friday night if forecast is 40 degrees Playing till the dry bulb hits 40 means we have played 4 hours in 35 degrees plus up till then, and we have a duty of care to our players to look after them. Heart attacks went up 700% in last heat wave and I am sure ambulances wont attend a heat stressed bowler on the green in 39 degrees with all the other emergencies   Read More

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