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Leasing cost has dropped

We have revisited cost of leasing and because new bowls have come down in price we have reduced the cost of an annual lease to only $200 Read More


Do our elected leaders know where we are heading; massive loss of membership each year over each state, as my NSW mate said' working on juniors when the retired works are the market with the long term prospects and money Read More

Thoughts from NSW fellow bowler

1985 RNSWBA had approx 167000 registered men's bowlers. 1997 saw 94576 bowlers, 2014 we have 47680 as advised by the royal yesterday. So, what I am getting at is: huge decline due to: drink driving? Home entertainment? OR: Not enough marketing/advertising/promoting the game to people due for retirement? Maybe bowls aust spending too much time/money/promotion on younger brigade? Think about it.......years ago the game relied in retirees. Now the powers to be think they can attract more members in the younger sector....WRONG...maybe the older brigade who loved playing the sport do not like the younger brigade taking over? Maybe the older brigade do not like the dress attire and etiquette disappearing out of the game? Have a think about what I have just said before you go off your heads. Bottom line is: we need more members now not tomorrow... Read More

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