Pennant future in Campaspe Division

Pennant for 2015

Lee Campbell - Friday, May 01, 2015

Well I have made it to Vice Chair of the board running pennant bowls in CVBD, took it on to try and get some rational ideas adopted;not ideas adhoc off the delegates at their meeting who were pro their own club and no vision of the future and whether their ideas gelled with others. Took some hard talk to convince clubs the board were elected to run bowls not do the delegates wishes, and we came up with a compromise of all ideas and wishes given we are losing 5% of our player numbers annually 

We have around 450 looking to play Saturday pennant so we have decided that we play with 12 a side in all divisions except bottom division which has 8 a side we have 8 teams in each division with any bye being in bottom division. We settled on 2 even rounds of bowls which meat 14 rounds broken up with 7 weeks off over Christmas and finals shortened to 2 rounds 1 plays 4 2 play 3 and winners play off in grand final.

These decisions were not taken lightly the board is working for the good of all bowlers and all clubs.First issue was ever decreasing numbers playing bowls we lose about 100 men and women annually for what ever reason Sixteen a side made it noncompetitive with teams being topped up with lower grade players. Even 8 teams per section will make it noncompetitive as history shows us bottom 2 or 3 sides on ladder are getting smashed and top teams are racking up big scores against them but we can only move with small steps for now

OUR Future in time, our bottom division will be absorbed in to higher divisions as players drop off and clubs are forced to reduce teams. Big issue is we have hung on to regimented pennant for too long and people are not interested in taking it up or are leaving because it hasn't changed. We only have to look at Test cricket and see where it has stepped back, in favor of more exciting forms of cricket T20 and 50 overs. Because our overall age is so high we are reluctant to change but if we are not moving forward we are standing still or going backwards if others are moving forward   

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