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New Season Pennent Opening

First round is done and dusted and we are off again in a grueling long pennant season we play 17 rounds 3 practice matches and possibly 3 finals. Why the long season I wonder feel it is clubs relying on pennent for income instead of getting off their butts and running small lucrative 1/2 day tournaments. Add that to starting in spring our most volatile season and we suffer inclement weather to start of season and unbearable heat in latter half of season. Would not 2 smaller pennent seasons be worth looking at eg Autumn as it is our best bowling weather. Read More

New Financial Year

Its a long time between blogs and lots of poor reasons why I have not include time and lack of content so with a new year starting I will make a fresh effort. Read More

Season Opening

Well it is only a month away from pennant again and I don't like what I am hearing around the traps hope I am only being pessimistic but the following has drawn my attention Read More

Leasing cost has dropped

We have revisited cost of leasing and because new bowls have come down in price we have reduced the cost of an annual lease to only $200 Read More

Future Of Lawn Bowls

Do our elected leaders know where we are heading; massive loss of membership each year over each state, as my NSW mate said' working on juniors when the retired works are the market with the long term prospects and money Read More

Thoughts from NSW fellow bowler

1985 RNSWBA had approx 167000 registered men's bowlers. 1997 saw 94576 bowlers, 2014 we have 47680 as advised by the royal yesterday. So, what I am getting at is: huge decline due to: drink driving? Home entertainment? OR: Not enough marketing/advertising/promoting the game to people due for retirement? Maybe bowls aust spending too much time/money/promotion on younger brigade? Think about it.......years ago the game relied in retirees. Now the powers to be think they can attract more members in the younger sector....WRONG...maybe the older brigade who loved playing the sport do not like the younger brigade taking over? Maybe the older brigade do not like the dress attire and etiquette disappearing out of the game? Have a think about what I have just said before you go off your heads. Bottom line is: we need more members now not tomorrow... Read More

Lunatics vote at Hutt River Bowls Assoc Annual meeting

We sat down as 11 wise people from 11 wise clubs and come up with ideas based on quick assumptions and no regard to motions being compatible to other motions Read More

Maniacs in charge of the Asylum?

Well here we go again another Hutt River Province in house implosion. Seems the local lawn bowls association at Hutt River has been infiltrated by the lunatics from the asylum  We have 36 motions to go to AGM to change anything and everything because some lunatic believes his idea will solve the world of bowls here in Hutt river Read More

Hutt River Province Bowls Association

It bemoans me to speak on this issue which speaks to men being men and not backing down what ever the cost to themselves or the game Read More

Campaspe Valley Association

Just sat through another delegates meeting and left shaking my head as to where we are going. Read More