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New Financial Year

Russell Kelly - Thursday, July 07, 2016

Its a long time between blogs and lots of poor reasons why I have not include time and lack of content so with a new year starting I will make a fresh effort.

First on at Riverina Bowls we have had a big year given the industry down trend, our 4th biggest in 13 years It has a lot to do with our promotional bowls marked Riverina Bowls Echuca and sold into the second hand market. These bowls have caused a lot of interest and the advertising dollars we have invested into each bowl has proved the best advertising we have under taken. We will continue this line of Dreamline XG in allsizes into the next year at slightly increased prices I envisage new price will be $445.00 for a brand new set of Henselite Dreamline XG lawn bowls

Manufacturers are gradually increasing their prices as they take more market share off retail bowls can buy direct of manufactures web sites at full retail and get the same deal from your lawn bowls shop, they will make some profit to help keep the doors open but the future looks glum as predictions are 3 main lawn bowls shops will remain viable in Victoria and similar numbers in all other states. The big Bowls Manufactures will slowly step into other retail lines that have been the territory of bowls shops up to now. Then look out for higher prices when the cartels take over Think Victoria is down to around 130,000 pennant players this year down from 450,000 bowlers registered in the 1980's. Biggest proportion of lawn bowlers are the barefoot bowls brigade who do not buy any bowls equipment like pennant players all supplied by clubs. And from this we see the changes in our long standing pennant bowls We are seeing the change to shorter sharper bowls games like crack a jack and 2 bowl triples that satisfy the needs of the younger generation Don't disagree it is the direction we must take Bowls is similar to cricket Pennant and 5 day test were the popular norm but were lacking support in our younger generation who want a more exciting format.

Good or Better News 

We will remain one of the strong retail outlets backed by an up to date website ( going through a face lift as we speak ), remember all bowls and goods on website are on our floor available for instant purchase except when I let the team down and am slow to take off sold stock. Nothing much to say on new bowls side what we have now is probably will be ongoing and we are only to happy to trade your older bowls New fashion range in clothes are just around the corner so keep an eye on website for updates

Happy Bowling 

Russell Kelly