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New Season Pennent Opening

Russell Kelly - Tuesday, October 11, 2016

First round is done and dusted and we are off again in a grueling long pennant season we play 17 rounds 3 practice matches and possibly 3 finals. Why the long season I wonder feel it is clubs relying on pennent for income instead of getting off their butts and running small lucrative 1/2 day tournaments. Add that to starting in spring our most volatile season and we suffer inclement weather to start of season and unbearable heat in latter half of season. Would not 2 smaller pennent seasons be worth looking at eg Autumn as it is our best bowling weather.

Clubs for some reason are entering to many teams and selectors struggle each week to fill all places, is it again for income raising surely putting in learner bowlers into pennent sides does not reflect in the importance of pennent as a competition. What happened to earning your spot in pennant teams and it being a feather in your cap that you represented your club in competition. Now you play pennent the same week you are registered as a club member, is it we are struggling for members and players. My own thoughts as a ex selector would be to limit 80% of your group to play pennent gives learners a chance to improve and learn the game and gives flexibility to selectors and players to drop players out of form or discipline and players can can have a day off and not let the club down because they are required each week